Part III

The move in was uneventful. Kevin took Milo to a friends place because, as it happened, a dog sounded great but wasn’t really a good fit. Kevin was annoyed but decided it was a sacrifice he would have to make for the big picture. It was only temporary after all. His room was small and filled with useless tacky decor; definitely not a mans room. And the closet was jammed with clothing and more junk. He started to get the full scoop of what he was getting into. He could last long enough to get what he needed. He already took care of the car loose end; he’d have to keep his junk loaner since the recall parts were now back ordered until who knew when. She preferred to drive anyway; she was turning out to be a first class control freak.

She was so relieved he didn’t force the dog issue. All that hair! It was hard enough to keep the place tidy as it was even after she re-homed her cat. Pets were a pain she could do without. He didn’t bring much thank goodness; she managed to empty a drawer in the dresser anyway. That should be enough for now. It will be so great to have someone around. A permanent date. Her friends were curious and couldn’t wait to meet him. Even though they tried to dissuade her and get her to see reason. Pfft. What did they know? This was an opportunity not to be missed!

Kevin had to start his plan and move according to schedule. He needed $50K and he could start clean and fresh. Based on what she told him she could get her hands on that no problem. Why not ask for $100K and see where the chips fell. She thought of herself as a savvy investor. He would have to go all the way on impressing her and anyone she ran it by to make it happen. Tonight at dinner was the beginning of the end and his ticket to a new beginning. He’d already arranged the villa in Costa Rica; ten grand gets you a nice enough place. He also had a gig lined up with an old high school buddy who’d made the move a few years ago and opened a tiki bar. He wouldn’t really need to work with his pension from the generous government but a bit extra was nice for the amenities he enjoyed. Kevin gets ready for dinner.

She thought it would be nice to have the first dinner at home; she put a couple of chicken breasts in the oven with fingerling potatoes and tossed a salad. Cooking wasn’t her thing; her kids had told her for years that she sucked at it. It was enough to get by. And besides, Kevin liked fine dining and socializing so how much would she have to cook in the future? Table set; candles lit. Soft jazz on the stereo. Wine to get the evening started.

They sit down after Kevin embraces her warmly. He’s so grateful for her generosity and promises to make it up to her. In his mind he means it; he’s proud of his prowess and he plans to work it perfectly. In her mind she’s thinking gifts, trips, wining and dining. Sex isn’t her thing really. It’s a means to an end; orgasm? What’s that; oh, yeah she has one DIY. Of course her exploits are sadly limited but no one would ever know by the way she talks and carries on. She’s prepared to do what is necessary to keep this ball in play.

Kevin raves about the dinner; it’s average or less but that’s not the point here. In fact the chicken tastes like rubber; probably a Walmart special. The wine hits the spot. The more she has the more she loosens up. This is going to be a piece of cake. Seriously, he tells her, this is like a genie granted my wish! Gorgeous girl who can cook like a gourmet; sexy and strong, not a flake like most these days; obviously smart and business savvy. What did I do to deserve this!? She’s thinking the same thing; he’s the perfect man. And he loves me! I can tell. I could be moving into the newly renovated mansion by the time it’s finished. What did he say? 45 days or so? Perfect. Just in time for the golf season to start. Did I ask him if he’s a member somewhere?

Flattery will get you everywhere, she giggles flirtatiously. That’s exactly what he’s counting on. He pulls his phone out. Sorry; I have to take this. I’ll be right back. No problem; she clears the table. He wanders into the hallway and says into a dead phone: oh man! That’s excellent news! By when? Ok. I’m not sure I can swing it … I just paid cash for the reno deposit to the tune of $250. Leave it with me … I can’t talk right now I’m at dinner. Ok. You too. Ciao.

Did I hear him right? He paid out $250 for a deposit. In cash??? I’ve hit the mother lode. Under no circumstances will I screw this one up! Hey! You’re back! Dessert or more wine? Wine? I was hoping you would say that. Liquid courage is exactly what she needed.

Kevin stared purposefully off into the distance. Earth to Kevin! Sorry I’m just trying to put a few pieces of puzzle together in my brain. Numbers aren’t my strong suit. I apologize. She looks at him through her rosy wine filtered lenses and asks what’s on his mind. She’s assuming it has to do with his phone call. Yes. He’s been working on a business plan with his broker for months and the ships finally coming in but the timing couldn’t be worse. He’s been setting up a model for small local turnkey dental offices and his broker has been working on investors. A syndicate of business people that will act as landlord and licensee. He’s pledged his funds as has his broker and members of the syndicate. But one guy bailed at the last minute and they need to cover his share of $200K. His partner and him are 50/50 so he needs to pony up another $100K. In 14 days. But hey. Forget that boring stuff. Let’s celebrate being roommates and my desire to make it much more. Cheers.

She’s had a bit too much wine. But she could smell a wicked deal from a mile away. Maybe she could convince him to make her a minority partner if she anted up the dough. Her wheels were turning. She’s definitely going to pursue this notion when the time is right.

Kevin can see he’s hit the bullseye. She’s a bit drunk but she’s hanging on every word. Why wouldn’t she want to get in on the best deal with her uber successful new beau. Let’s let her dwell on that for now and get her into bed and seal the deal. Hey gorgeous; let’s dance. He holds his hand out to her and gently pulls her into his arms. As they sway to the soft jazzy tones he nuzzles her neck and whispers quietly in her ear. When he kisses her lips he knows the time is right. Let’s go upstairs he purrs.

She’s not good at this but he’s so smooth and irresistible. I can feel myself falling for him more every moment. He’s undressing me for real; not just with his eyes like before. His hands are like velvet on my skin. His lips are soft and exploring. Ok. I’m not able to resist. This is happening. And it was the most glorious night of her life. She had missed out on this her whole life?! Nothing else mattered. He was her world. She was smitten.

Kevin used every asset in his toolbox. This was going to be the grande finale. He was going for gold. Literally. He crossed the finish line once. But she was ready for more. Her inhibitions (and cobwebs) were long gone. He was satisfaction guaranteed. And by the sound of things he was hitting the nail on the head.

Would his all-star performance do the trick?

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