Part V

Not wanting to rock the boat too much, Kevin offers to send a link to the investment information to her. She promises to forward it to her guy. And, she thinks to herself, no matter what the financial guru says she’s jumping on this this. Her bunches have been right on the money before. Like the time she met a young kid at the bar and while practising her flirting skills he told her about the great deal on marijuana stocks. Sure enough, that was a hot tip. Let’s face it, she had a knack of having men tell her important things. This would be the same. Just think of the girls night she would have in the newly renovated house that would be hers soon!!

Kevin could feel the tension leave the room when he agreed to send his investment info link to her. She was really into it! He could practically hear her get giddy when he offered to have a call with her financial guy to answer further questions. Better to leave it at that for now and see where it goes. He was ready to patch up any questions with solid bs that would leave anyone with little investment clout too embarrassed to push further. Kevin had a strong feeling that her “financial” guy was a low grade rookie happy to pick the low hanging fruit. Easy money.

She’s so excited taking a mental inventory of her future assets that she is bursting to chat. Not wanting to come across as ditzy or too eager she decides to play coy again. She lets him know that although she’s been singing his praises to all her friends there are still some skeptics in the bunch. But she knows how to overcome their hesitation. Waiting to gauge his reaction she ponders her next move if this doesn’t work. He beams his award winning smile and says he will do anything for his gal. Ok! Then we are going for dinner to my friend Karen’s house. She’s offered to make dinner and have a few of us over. Tomorrow? Kevin gives her his best puppy dog look and asks for a rain check; he’s got to meet with a developer to review mechanical permits for the sites. The city’s engineers want a few minor changes and Kevin needs to make sure they stay minor. You know how engineers are. She nods in total agreement as though she’s an expert on all things engineering. Kevin would be out of town for a couple of days. But then he was all hers. He promised.

She of course conceded. How could she not? He was a jet setting businessman after all. And she always supports her man. In the morning she would call Karen and set it up. Karen would make a great dinner and invite a few others to join in. No doubt they would all be on alert to look for flaws. Well they were in for a surprise. This one was perfect and she couldn’t wait to show him off!

The “picnic” dinner was cleared away and they settled down for a movie. Kevin picked a romantic drama that he was sure would be enough foreplay if he played his cards right. Diane Lane movies always had the ladies wanting more. And he wasn’t disappointed. Before long they were fully engaged on the sofa and moving the party to the next level. Kevin’s element; this was where many an otherwise smart woman lost her senses. This was a piece of cake.

The next morning Kevin hit the road early. He couldn’t stand how she put on her housecoat and fluffy slippers and talked to herself while she made coffee. And her coffee sucked. He left her snoring gently with a soft kiss to her head. Hoping that by the time he got back in a couple of days she would have his dough so he could bail for good. Just a few more days and he’d be scott free. He’d head out of town to bunk with his buddy up north while he tended to “business”.

She awoke with a yawn and glanced around. No Kevin. He did say he needed an early start. What time was it anyway? Oh dear! Her favourite morning show was almost over. She hasn’t slept so soundly in years! He was going to kill her; she could feel the foreign muscles that he had awakened. Might be a good idea to haul out the dusty yoga videos and do some serious stretching. The guy has more stamina than a teenager! Well she had a couple of days to recoup and recharge. In the meantime she would get on the phone lines and get the dinner party started. Man! She had worked up an appetite. She was ravenous. Leftover picnic was just what she needed. With a contented smile on her face she hobbled down the stairs.

Kevin has to act quickly on sending the link like he promised. But first he needed to reactivate the toll free number shown on the site. Most people used email these days but there were some (like the flake he was working on) that insisted on old fashioned phone calls. He couldn’t take a chance even though it meant he’d have to sweet talk his old flame at the virtual office service. He owed her a few bucks but he could persuade her to help him out in a pinch. Once that was done he’d send the link and wait for the dominoes to line up. He could almost smell the finish line!

She poured herself another coffee. Where was her energy?? While she gathered her energy to start her daily calls, she popped open her laptop to await the email from Kevin. It took her aging computer a while to boot up and when it finally did she was delighted to see the notification of new mail. She opened her mail program hastily and there it was. New mail from Kevin. Hello beautiful, Miss you already. Here’s the link. See you in a few days. XO, Kevin. Just seeing his email address “doctor” K. sent a warming sensation through her; she forwarded the email entirely so her financial guy would get jealous. Ha ha. She’s going to show them all. She thought about forwarding the link to her friends but thought better of it so she didn’t share the opportunity. Why help them out? She found this gold mine and intended to keep it.

After sending the link Kevin was grateful that his virtual receptionist agreed to play along. He made up a good story about the why and she agreed to help him out in exchange for a partial repayment on the money he owed her. Frankly she had written him off and was surprised to hear from him. He told her he was ashamed of how things ended and begged her to give him another chance. He wanted to make things right. Reluctantly she gave in. And not only that she invited him to talk over dinner at her place and see where things went. It was an offer he gladly accepted knowing that she couldn’t resist and he’d have a nice warm bed to curl up in. Beats the hell out of his buddy’s smelly sofa.

She called her finance guy immediately after pushing send on the email. When he answered she launched directly into her prepared pitch. Look at the link and then get my money ready. I want $150K draft payable to Dr Kevin and I’m picking it up tomorrow. My minds made up. I’m doing this. It’s more than I thought originally but I feel so sure about this I want to secure the deal. She hangs up the phone not wanting to hear any rebuttal. The extra money and her acting quickly will go a long way to impressing Kevin and that’s what she intends to do. She would pick up the draft and wrap it up with champagne to open after dinner at Karen’s. She was so excited she was bursting. Time to unleash some of the elation on her friends; she could barely dial the first number.

As suspected Karen was all over the dinner idea. She rambled off a few names for the guest list and while she started on possible menu ideas the call waiting buzzer went off. It was the financial guy. He will have to wait; he has my instructions. Why can’t he just do his damn job like I asked?? Karen drones on about dinner plans; funny how a gourmet mission took her mind off grilling the boyfriend. Her exuberant mood could not be derailed and everyone she talked to remarked about the sound of her voice. They were happy for her. Yeah. Sure. But they would see soon what she was cooking!

Her phone beeped. Not that stupid finance guy again! Not this time. It was a text. From Kevin. He was heading into meetings that would run into dinner and likely later. He apologized in advance for turning his phone off until tomorrow. These types of meetings exhausted him and he would crash as soon as they were over. Miss you. Can’t wait to see you. There’s something important that I want to ask you. I love you. K. Wow!! He’s never said that before. This is real. She inadvertently blurred out the L word after their last romp. Now he was saying it for real. Plus asking something important. Can it be? It’s moving fast but the discussion about our age and not wasting precious time … A new outfit and some pampering is in order. I want to look like a million dollars when he pops the question!

Kevin was feeling relaxed. Things were coming together. The finance guy called the service, left a message, and Kevin called back posing as the VP of Business Development. As suspected her guy was a light weight; no problem slinging the bull. His plans for the evening were hopeful and even promising. It was easy to send a lovey dovey text to keep the fire burning. One more function with her and he should be off the hook. Impressing her lame friends should be no problem.

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