Part VI

With Kevin out of town she had ample time to do some housekeeping. Not the cleaning kind mind you. She wasn’t a fan. But she did want to have all of her ducks in a row by his return tomorrow. She hastily made a list: hair, nails (good luck with that … she like to pick and chew … bad habit), facial and finances. Maybe a new outfit.

Not one to spend a lot of time and money on personal grooming she had to rethink her priorities. She was frugal and usually accomplished the same results as her spendthrift friends who frequented salons and spas. But her usual hairdresser (who worked from her home) was too far away on short notice. Grudgingly she’d have to find a local service that would fill the gap today. Not wanting to tip her hand amongst her friends she couldn’t call anyone for a referral. It would have to be a cold call. She activated her tablet as she absently gnawed on a nail.

Her appointments were set up. She’s found an all in one salon that would do hair and esthetics. And they could see her today. Thinking it was a continuation of her recent good luck rather than any negative reason that a salon would miraculously have openings she logged into her Groupon to make sure she wasn’t missing any deals. Everyone always marvelled at her knack for scooping up great deals. But she knew the value of her hard earned money. Ahhh. She thought to herself; it wouldn’t be long until she would be taken care of. And while someone else’s money was being spent on her, her dough would be safely invested earning more for her nest egg. What a clever girl!

She called her finance guy to confirm that she would be picking up the draft for her investment tomorrow. While on hold she formulated her arguments for pushing this through. But to her surprise when her call was answered, there was no reluctance or dissuasion giving her more confidence and assurance that her instincts were on point. Her draft would be ready by 3 pm and could be picked up at the reception desk. Perfect.

At the salon she leaned back as her hair was washed and with her eyes closed she let her mind wander to her new life. Starting very soon she would be making decor decisions on the renovations. She could rent out her place immediately and generate a bit more fun money. She knew exactly who to call to get referrals for interior designers; it would be a great way to brag a bit too. She couldn’t wait to see the closet space in her new bedroom; she’s always wanted a nice big dressing room and space for all her clothes and accessories. Not to mention all the new wardrobe pieces she would need. There would be travel and business meetings. And an upscale golf club membership. She couldn’t help but smile. When the stylist asked if she was enjoying the scalp treatment she was startled into the present. Why yes … it’s just what the doctor ordered.

A few hours, and way more money than she wanted to spend, later, she waltzed out of the salon with a fresh new haircut and colour, new nails top to bottom, fresh faced and waxed. Kevin would want to eat her up! She couldn’t wait for him to get back! For the rest of the day she spent time ticking off her other to do list. Including buying a couple of bottles of wine, her friends favourite, for a hostess gift. Feeling giddy she went to her go to knick knack store for a little gift to boot. Something for her friend to go with the wine, something cute for Kevin to go with the envelope and a little something for herself too.

After her usual phone campaign the next morning she gathered her goodies and readied herself and her house for the homecoming. Kevin needed for her to be perfect. Everything had to fall into place. She agonized whether to spring the investment on him immediately as soon as he walked in the door or wait until after dinner so they could be romantic and alone. She opted for the first idea. She was so excited she had to spill the beans right away or she might burst. Plus it would put her in the best frame of mind for dinner. The line up of guests was a bit daunting. All couples she knew but this was the real thing. She quickly shook off any doubts. Kevin would win them all over for sure!

Kevin luxuriated in his mini freedom vacation. He was realizing how overpowering and annoying his mark was. For a fleeting moment he had second thoughts. He could just ghost her and vanish. Get on with his life. But then he reminded himself what that would look like without the dough. He needed the infusion to kick his life plan into gear. With this score he could settle the naggiest of debts and put enough in his pocket to get out of the country and down to Central America where his buddy was set up. He could live the rest of his life like a king. In the warm climate. With all his baggage far behind. Let’s face it, most of his so-called friends and family wouldn’t shed a tear to see his back. They could live without the burden of his ne’er do well shenanigans. And those getting burned financially? Hey. They made their bed. They were adults. They’d get over it. He’d be long gone and out of legal reach before they could say “lawsuits “. Adios amigos.

Kevin snapped out of his reverie abruptly when he realized the time. Shit. He had to get back for the showstopper dinner. This could be his final act and he needed to pull all the stops. Luckily his car dealing pal took an Audi 7 off lease the other day and Kevin sweet talked his way into “borrowing” it to show a client. It was the prop he needed to keep his cover. He could pick the ride up on his way to pick her up. He also needed a quick “I missed you so much” trinket. God knows she didn’t need anymore junk but she loved her tacky do dads. In a way it reminded him of his mother, the controlling hag, and her endless collections of tea cups and stupid silver spoons. Useless trashy trash. When he had to get rid of it after she died not even Sally Ann wanted it.

He was ready to roll. Pick up in his fine machine with suitable gift. Dressed to impress. Groomed like only he could do; a bit casual but loads of swagger. Fake Rolex. And his killer smile. This would be his best final act and he would milk it all the way. One for the money. Two for the show.

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