Captain Dean House

Tucked away in a remote and isolated rural setting is a historical homestead circa 1843 called the Captain Dean House. It is the ideal setting for a secluded isolation respite from the current social chaos. Who knew that within a short few weeks our world would be upended and life in turmoil. Media is blaring the doomsday forecasts of death. People, the economy, our futures … all dying. But in our small refuge, life is as we’ve always known it. Close your eyes and come to away ……

As you enter the historic district you are transported back in time. Imagine the area which was ravaged during the Civil War; burnt to the ground by Sherman. Only a few dwellings left standing.

The beauty of the walking path is eerily calm. There are no other people. Just silence and tranquility.

Time stands still. Even the sign indicates the slow pace in this serene locale.

The homes exude a timeless quality. There is no manicured space. No pristine gardens. Yet the picket fences and welcoming front porches portray a lifestyle of relaxation.

Stay a while and feel the pressures of today melt away.

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