Bombs Away

One of the things about being cooped up is the opportunity to let the creative juices flow. There’s a myriad of ideas and one look at any such website (so many to choose from) will give you more ideas than you can handle. But there are some that don’t need a trip to the store or any special equipment. That’s the key. Be low key.

The other issues are functionality. Why make something that’s not useful? It’s ok when you’re a kid to make a cute something out of an empty toilet paper roll. And god knows there’s a surplus of those around. But it’s not useful now. Maybe fun to make but then what?? You don’t want to be the giver or receiver of useless stuff. It was a major criteria in my quest.

The final box to tick was investment. I didn’t want to invest in something that in a few weeks when the virus craze blows over I’d be stuck with another gadget that sits on a shelf collecting dust. And costs to do so. No point in wasting money or real estate. Several years back we bought Sarah a “cricket”. This machine helps with scrapbooking and card making which she likes to do. But she has a room in her house dedicated to this stuff. Like a man cave or a she shed there’s crafters corner. Not for me.

So low key, useful and no investment or special space required. Ta da!

So I tried my luck at making something that ticks all the boxes and then some. Bath bombs. That’s right! How perfect in every way. Anyone who knows me gets that a luxury bath is a must have. A deep spacious tub with good lighting if I choose to read and plenty of hot water. And, equally important, bubbles and scents. Bath bombs are perfect.

First I researched recipes. There’s a ton out there (like everything else) and they are all similar. I like reading the comments and tips. Seems I’m not the only one out there who’s turned their kitchen into a scented lab. The main ingredients are readily available in most homes already: baking soda, Epsom salts, corn starch and essential oils (I used lavender). Plus a few drops of water and a few drops of oil. And cupcake or chocolate moulds and a large mixing bowl. A jar with a lid is useful. The one thing you might need to buy is citric acid. That’s what makes the fizz. Kind of important.

Mise en place takes up minimal room. The process is super simple too. All dry ingredients in the bowl then add the shaken up (in the jar) wet ingredients. The mixture is like very slightly damp wet sand. Then it gets pressed into the mould. I added some dried rosemary to one batch by sprinkling it into the mould before pressing the mixture on top. Here’s the main trick: press the mixture down with a spoon as firmly as you can. The tighter the better. Then you flip the bombs onto a sheet of wax paper or parchment paper and let them dry for a day or two.

Voila. Nice smelling (and cute) bath bombs. I have tried them out and they are perfect. I might add food colouring next time for a bit of a twist. But the white is actually quite pretty. Of course they never go bad. Another perk that I didn’t consider.

Bombs away!

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