These days it’s tricky knowing what day it is. They all blend. Unless you’re addicted to a tv show in a particular time slot, you’re oblivious. There’s nothing on our calendars and no reminder notices about upcoming appointments. It’s just another day in isolation. Ho hum.

I can’t even imagine working during these times. Our business did not lend itself to working from home. At all. But I’m sure the office complexions are going to see huge overhauls after this. Businesses are making massive adjustments to accommodate the balance between functionality and production. Some may even realize they can reduce their real estate footprint and scale back offering work from home options and flex schedules.

Reduced working commuters also means less congestion on the roads. Even kids are learning from home. The green folks must be delighted. Why isn’t the scare monger media reporting on the positives of this plandemic? They keep sharing the number of new cases and deaths. Neither of which changes the reality; it’s not the plague they forecasted. People are getting on with things and world continues to turn. Are the only ones really not working through this (contrived?) crisis government workers? Are they largely like rockstars and pro athletes: fun to have around but clearly inessential?

The push by business and government to have people run their life on line is now a necessity. Paperless and people-less.

As the days blend together and our personal hygiene takes a nose dive into oblivion we go about our daily routines. For some of us there’s little change. The pre-crisis routine was mostly similar. For others it’s a game changer. Really great or really bad. All I know is there’s line ups in front of the liquor store. TGIF.


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