Covid Capers

The key is to create the perfect mood. Get the lighting just so. Have all the necessary toys to ensure the best outcome.

A willing partner is also a good thing. It has to be mutually beneficial after all. If it’s done right everyone wins. In our case a quickie is best. Sometimes taking too long kills the desire and it’s over. Without the job being done.

Positioning is also an important element. Having the right angle is vital. And no mirrors. That’s a good rule. And a quick shower after is absolutely necessary.

After all, a decent haircut is something you have to live with for at least a few weeks. Same with a bad cut. This no barbers thing is tough on guys who like a certain look. I don’t mind the longish hair look. But it’s not for everyone. Rudy does not like hat head.

So today was the day. We planned it. Walk the dog. Breakfast. Bike ride. Hair cut. If it’s in the schedule it’s going to happen. And it did. There was worry and reluctance but then submission. Luckily it turned out ok. It was a number three. Last time I managed to talk him into it I didn’t use an attachment and his mother thought he was ill. Oops.

Years ago I wanted to be a hairdresser. Like stewardess, the term hairdresser is old fashioned but that was my 13 year old career goal. My mother was horrified. It was out of the question as far as she was concerned. Hmpf. I wasn’t going to be dissuaded.

It started much earlier in my life as I practised on our Barbie dolls. My sister is still traumatized that her Barbie got my version of “the wedge”. Remember Dorothy Hamil? She made the wedge super trendy in the day and I was desperate to give Barbie the look. It took three barbies for me to realize that hair plugs make the wedge impossible and synthetic hair didn’t “feather” nicely. Oh well. Sorry Tina. Get Barbie a hat. Ken came away unscathed since his hair was plastic and painted.

Then I moved on to live subjects in high school. Anyone willing (and trust me I was very persuasive) got a full new do a la Sue. I had several regular customers including family members (not my sister lol) and friends. Even my brothers grade 8 prom date let me cut and perm her hair. This was serious business. Mostly there were good results and everyone was satisfied. Especially me.

As you may know by now, being a hairdresser never did enter my career path. I still think about it. And as an ironic twist I was blessed/cursed with fine, limp, slow-growing hair. My options are acutely limited when it comes to personal coifiture. Such is life.

I’m secretly hoping this virus nonsense lasts a bit longer so I get another chance at cutting some hair. If you’re interested give me a call.


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