Living The Dream

Who knew that in the midst of chaos you could slow down enough to savour the moment(s). There’s so many troubling events around us and poking to find a way into our soul. I’ve been conjuring up a power shield to deflect the negative forces. The shield includes avoiding social media and news. And following the most basic human practice: treat others the way you want to be treated.

It’s funny what can happen when you surrender to love and kindness. Here’s a few special moments that have touched me recently:

Connecting with a friend who I haven’t seen or heard from in a while. Oddly my mom mentioned her yesterday as my mom has random flashbacks to things (mostly in the past) that trigger a question. And then last evening I got a message from her. Like all of us she’s been isolating, but she’s doing so at her remote cottage. We are planning a visit and I’m really looking forward.

The isolation scenario has increased our appetites for books. The two I ordered from Amazon were gobbled up quickly. Our book stash is dwindling. And just when I think I might need to order, our former neighbour pops over with two bags full! She’s a voracious reader and chooses books that I would likely never select. One from her last batch before we left for Florida (amazing how time flies) I thoroughly enjoyed; it was entitled “Z” and was a novel about the life of F Scott Fitzgerald’s wife Zelda. Now I have a whole new library to choose from. In addition to books she sends me frequent motivational or humorous videos. She’s a gem.

The house we bought had a privacy fence erected on demand (two neighbours in dislike with each other) that partitioned our deck from next door. Since we moved in we have become friends with the neighbour who demanded the privacy fence/partition. This week he offered to let us remove it. Yesterday our favourite handyman started the removal. When I got home from visiting with my folks Rudy rushed me to the back deck. Pow! Our million dollar view just became a billion dollar view! It’s astonishing! As we ogled the new panorama our neighbour came into his deck and we thanked him profusely for the gift of view. His answer was heartwarming: it’s only for you two … it’s been great since you moved in.

My dads been getting hormone treatment for prostate cancer which causes menopausal symptoms: belly fat increase is one of them. None of his pants fit. He’s been wearing track pants and loungers all the time. Not that he’s a fashion plate, but he’s always taken pride in his appearance and finally he mentioned it (very difficult for him!). So yesterday I brought him some new pants. He did a fashion show for me and mom. The look on his face was priceless. I’m sure it’s the same look we had as kids getting a new outfit for school; combination delight and confidence. Bets are that he’s gussied up to get groceries today.

When I got home yesterday and Rudy rushed me to the deck, he waited until I had oohed and aahed before he asked me to go inside and tend to something. It was flowers. He bought me a gorgeous bunch of spring blooms and they were waiting for me on the counter. I love arranging flowers and how they brighten a room. He’s so thoughtful and loving. Then we ventured out on the deck for a sunset cocktail. Rudy brought out the speaker and played DJ for us while we sipped and enjoyed the new expansion view.

We looked at each other and didn’t have to say any words. In our cocoon there’s love and gratitude. We are living the dream.

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