First Love – Part 1

Brynn had the world by the tail. At 50 something she was the epitome of “made it”; thriving career, good looks, wonderful network of friends, and money to travel. From the outside looking in, you could easily envy her as she flies past in her luxury convertible with her long blond hair whipping in the wind. But Brynn was missing one thing. A big thing for her: a romantic relationship.

Sure, with her good looks and personality to match, she was in demand and has plenty of opportunity. So what’s the problem? The problem has a name: Spencer. Brynn has been spinning her wheels since she was a young girl. Ever since Spencer, her first love, broke her heart.

Actually, it wasn’t Spencer. It was his family. They broke both their hearts. The young lovers were happy. Soul mates and best friends. But they were young. Barely out of school and getting ready to start their adult lives. They knew beyond a doubt that their lives would be together. So they got engaged. It would be a match for a lifetime and they couldn’t wait to start the journey. But his family wasn’t on side. They were a tight knit bunch and made decisions as a group for the group and the family members in it. The decision to end Spencer and Brynn’s love was made. It was over.

Brynn and Spencer were heartbroken. But their fate was decided. Their confusion and sadness shrouded them like a thick dark cloak. Their hopes and dreams shattered. How would they ever carry on with their hearts ripped from their chest in such a cruel way.

But they were young and as it happened they were able to pick up the pieces and move on. Their wounds and love for each other were deep. But Spencer’s family commitment bond was stronger. This would have to be! Their paths were severed and each took his own direction. Brynn moved on with a focus on her career and Spencer did the same.

Brynn’s career became her focus. She watched her siblings get married and have children. She revelled in family love showering her nieces and nephews with the generosity of her heart. Always happy for others while her own heart was breaking. Over time the raw pain of her own loss would subside to a dull ache. But her first love was unrequited.

The years roll on and Brynn is now a successful career woman who is respected and admired by her peers and colleagues. She has a way of making everyone around her feel appreciated and necessary. It’s as though she has overflowing love inside and rather than waste it on bitterness and regret, she shares that love liberally. Everyone around her senses the aura. Brynn needed to fill her void.

There’s been a few relationships in the years gone by. A couple that were deep and meaningful and promising. But fate again would step in and intervene. Brynn remained single and hopeful. Her friends and siblings closest to her nudged her and encouraged her to keep looking for true love. But Brynn knew she had found it and by now felt she would never find it again.

Brynn was involved in many community activities and her fundraising abilities were renowned. Her latest project landed her on a morning talk show for publicity. Brynn loves the camera and it’s mutual; her flair for style and beauty shines through. She makes her pitch for a good cause and implores people to consider making a contribution. She had no idea who her appeal would touch.

Later that day Brynns mom calls her to say that a generous cheque had been delivered to her house. Brynn is delighted that her efforts were making an impact and so quickly! But she wasn’t prepared for what her mother said next: Spencer dropped the cheque off in person. And he left a note.

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