First Love: Part 2

As her mother’s words sunk in, Brynn could feel her heart racing. Why did Spencer, even just hearing his name, have such a moving effect on her?! As her logical self chided her emotional self for the fluttering heart, Brynn knew her love for Spencer would never truly fade or disappear. Why was he randomly popping back into her life now? Her mind rotated around some possibilities but nothing made sense.

Since their gut wrenching breakup over 30 years ago, both had moved on with their lives. Brynn focused on her friends, family and career and Spencer did the same. He eventually got married and had three children. His consulting business thrived and he enjoyed a lucrative lifestyle with a grand family home. Brynn, still single, moved in with her mom after they lost her dad in the family home she grew up in. Spencer had no trouble finding it; he knew it well.

When Brynn arrives home she can’t wait to get the full rundown of events from her mom. Brynns mom was visibly excited to recount every detail and they sat at the kitchen island with their coffees to begin. Brynn urged her mom to start at the beginning and not skip anything. Then she held her breath while her heart fluttered and she listened with her whole being.

It was just after lunch because The Price is Right was over. While I got myself another cup of tea, the doorbell rang. I answered the door and a well dressed man was standing there holding an envelope. He said hi; it’s me Spencer. I took a closer look and sure enough, I recognize his brown smiling eyes and big grin. His hair is shorter and thinner, but he’s filled out nicely and wears a suit well! He tells me he heard about Brynns latest project and wanted to contribute. He hands me the envelope but I’m still a bit surprised; I take the envelope without asking him in or if he would like some tea. He must have sensed my shock and told me he would reach out to you in a day or so. That was it. Before I knew it he was gone.

Brynns mind was in circles. Spencer was here. At her house! Images of him standing on her front porch in his business suit caused butterflies to dance in her belly. Brynn forced herself to shake it off. He was married. She would thank him for the donation and move on. This school girl crush mentality was not healthy. Where could this ever lead?? She took the envelope from her mom and retreated to her room claiming she wanted to change into her lounge wear. But really she wanted to look at the cheque and the note in private. Surely just a few more fond memory moments wouldn’t hurt.

She scrutinized the envelope. The letterhead was inscribed with his company logo; it was sharp and Brynn smiled to herself at how well he had done for himself. She carefully opened the envelope and pulled out the two contents. The first was a cheque for a generous amount payable to her charitable cause. The second was a hand written note. Brynn immediately recognized the familiar scrawl. Spencer could have been a doctor his hand writing was a professional blur. Brynn read and reread the note: hello Brynn, it’s been along time. I’ve thought of you often and hope you accept this small contribution to your current endeavours. I’m very proud of your community spirit. Would you like to meet for coffee and catch up? No pressure; I’d love to see you. Give me a shout. Spence

Seeing his signature using the short form of his name made Brynns whole body tingle. Her mind couldn’t resist wandering into her past where they shared intimate hopes and dreams of a future together and planned the celebration to start the rest of their lives. Family. Children. True love to bind them as one. Kissing and touching. The tenderness and awkward impatience of youth as they fumbled with learning every inch of each other. A sudden recollection of the painful end to their love story jolted Brynn back into the moment.

She would call Spencer to thank him for his kind and generous gift, but there would be no meeting or coffee or reminiscing. The painful past was more than she could bear and the thought of opening the deep old wounds after more than three decades was too raw. Brynn decided to leave well enough alone.

Brynn gathered her emotions and dialled the number she thought she would never dial again. Her resolve was impressive. Until she heard his voice.

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