A Few More Amsterdam Pics

So much to see when you’re on tour…

Unlike Canada, Holland had an early spring. All the tulips were already bloomed. So much so that the ship even cancelled its garden tours. Museums were busy nonetheless. The bakeries and delis steal the show. The array and colours and aromas are irresistible. Sadly schlepping is not an option.

Rudy was happy to see a cigar lounge where they sell cigars of all varieties and have an attached smoking room. Is Canada the only up tight place? We seem to find one wherever we go!

Buskers are around the museums as well. I was surprised to find a duo of violin and tuba. They picked a spot under the arches with amazing acoustics. At first I thought it was on the speakers. A bit different than Justin Bieber.

Rudy marvelled at the kindergarten near our hotel. Dozens of squealing running and playing youngsters outside in the yard (a gated brick floor area with a play set and painted alphabet on the ground). Nice to see kids enjoying the outdoors and being happy. No filter.

We passed a bike shop and all of the bikes for sale were used. They mentioned on the tour that over 60,000 bikes are stolen annually. This is a bike crazy place.

Oh. Our airport taxi is almost here. Time to go.

Canada, here we come ready or not!

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