The Courgette

Otherwise known as zucchini. We have a glut of them in our kitchen at the moment. Every day I see them I know I have to do something. My procrastination is causing stress.

I glance at recipes thinking I’m ready to pounce on the giant green submarines lurking on the counter. But I have every excuse under the sun not to get busy. This week’s excuse is that my baking gear is (for the most part) left behind at the townhouse. After all, who the heck bakes in the summers heat? Right?

We joined a CSA earlier this year and for the past three weeks we have picked up more zucchini in the bundle. There’s also been peppers and potatoes and Swiss chars and lettuce. But it’s the zucchini that’s giving me grief. Just the sight of it overflowing the bowl on the counter is making me sweat.

Tomorrow is the day. Our friends staying at the townhouse are leaving. So I can slip in before the open house and pick up my baking needs. Rudy is away for a few days so I won’t be distracted by an impromptu bike ride or hike. I’m going to hunker down and get busy. Plus I’m seeing my folks on Monday so I can pawn off some of the spoils of the bakeathon … dad loves muffins (if they have raisins) with his afternoon coffee.

So it’s settled then. Zucchini, your fate is sealed. Tomorrow your are meeting your baker.

Zucchini Muffins

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