Although the annual celebration dates back to 1600’s in the US and 1872 in Canada, the tradition is observed in many countries globally to honour the harvest and give thanks for the bounty. We celebrate with food and family and friends. And give thanks for our blessings. I personally have thanksgiving everyday. I know just how lucky I am for the abundance in my life.

This weekend we enjoyed a family gathering with my parents and sister and brother in law and added our special friends Leo and Sandy. Of course Molly and Otto were in the midst too. We gathered to feast and enjoy each others company. Luckily our house can accommodate the whole bunch. I’m happiest being able to prepare goodies for my tribe to eat and drink. Laughter and discussion around a table is always delightful.

The weather lent itself to all things and we were able to partake in some of the outdoor adventures this area has to offer. The salmon are running in Thornbury and we stopped to watch their tiring courageous efforts. It’s an amazing feat they accomplish. The forest trails were vibrant with colour and serene as leaves gently tumbled to the ground. The beach was breezy and bright reminding us that summer has waned and colder days lie ahead.

The house has heated floors and the system is new to us. Having my folks around means cranking the heat. We misjudged the effect of radiant heat and the result was a very warm atmosphere. Great for the elderly. Not so much for the menopausal or Molly. Yikes. With a bit of tweaking it’s better now. At one point my sister actually dabbed my brow and upper lip. I was sporting a sweat stash.

Sitting around the fire table is awesome. Our deck overlooks the Bay and the accompanying whispers of the surf are mesmerizing. Fire, water, booze and laughter. That’s the perfect combo. That and my sister commandeering my phone to snap a few pics. ❤️ she’s good like that.

I realize that my folks are getting old. Seems the transformation is moving more quickly these days. They love the get togethers and enjoy the banter. But I sense their tiredness and am grateful for their efforts. Mom knows when to hit the hay. But dad won’t let a card game slip away. He’s in there like flint! It’s easy to see where our competitive nature comes from.

My cup runneth over. I’m eternally thankful.

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