Windy Weather

Fall brings many changes: colours, cooler days, bright night skies … and cold, harsh winds.

Today I was startled by a loud banging. It sounds like our roof coming off. A quick look outside and I see the waves battering ashore with a froth of fury. Don’t mess with Mother Nature! As I wander the upper floor I notice the banging is isolated to the rooftop over our bedroom. It’s scary and annoying.

The internet is down. Oh. Too bad. I can’t load the new word game Welder with my sister who’s obliterating me. It’s a strange game that I’m now determined to master. My former neighbour has sent a message pre-wifi disruption to tell me our outside furniture is on the loose. I can picture the seat cushions flying in the air like popcorn as the wind grabs and pulls.

The changing colder weather triggers a seasonal effect on our psyche. Shorter days. Colder temperatures. Less sunshine. More layers of clothing. Thermostat adjustments. And an instinctive urge to hibernate inside with comfort foods and cozy blankets. Even Otto is wary of the outdoors these days.

Thanksgiving weekend was sunny and warm. This new disruption arrived in a snap. It’s shocking. We are semi paralyzed knowing we have to prepare for the wintry months yet not letting go of the summer. We are not winter people anymore. Gone are the days when we enjoyed bundling up and braving the elements to do necessary chores outside. We are counting down our days to Florida sunshine and warmer climes.

The one thing I’m totally into is fall cuisine. Bountiful harvest means flavourful foods. Thanksgiving leftovers have been my focus and I’m trying out new dishes with some success. I made a pasta dish that my folks loved with a creamy tomato sauce and chunks of turkey. There was a few take home containers for them.

Now that dad is the official cook in their household he is always asking how to make things. His intrigue stops suddenly if I mention “oven”. They don’t use their oven since they don’t know how. But I’m suspicious that one attempt in the past yielded very disappointing results and now as a result the oven is an enemy. My dad fries everything. He can stir and watch and taste. I wonder why he was so curious about scrambled eggs. He later confessed that he only knows how to fry them sunny side up. He enjoyed the variety at our house. They have a very stringent routine which is a good thing for remembering to do everything. But the same routine wreaks havoc on their menu selections. Same old as my mom says. Her mantra now is: we eat only what your dad buys. He’s also the shopper. He buys what he likes. And sometimes what looks good.

Listening to the violence of the wind and surf I’m pondering my intimidating to do list for our winter escape. I think the banging noise might be adding a few unexpected items.

When the internet returns I’m going to check the weather forecast. Maybe summer isn’t quite done yet. For now I’ll stay under the covers and snuggle with my peeps.

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