Has it really been 50 years?? And the lunar landing?? Even though I was barely into school age for both of these iconic events they have been major milestones for my generation.

We have taken advantage of two local events celebrating these climacterics. The throwback to a simpler and gentler time was cathartic. A time before the gluttony of consumerism and leaning in. Clawing our way to the top. (Of what? ) Mandatory family time because there was only one car and one tv. Outdoor activities because there were no electronics. Well, except for the scratchy turntables for K-Tel records and transistor radios. Home cooked nutritious meals because dining in a restaurant was a rare treat.

But Rudy reminded me that the hippie movement was entirely anti war specifically Vietnam. And an overall escape from the trappings of “the man”. Leaving it to Beaver. And as the band cranked out The Who and The Doors with the photo slide show in the background showing visuals of the Woodstock concerts, one was a photo of kids selling acid hits for $1.00. So escaping reality and the mundanity of “real life” in 1969 may have been the start of the zombie apocalypse of today. Relatively speaking, just as technology and consumer goods have morphed into today’s craziness, so did the drugs to escape it all.

Getting naked and dancing around a farmers field versus safe injection sites.

We are currently watching a series on Netflix called “Succession”. It’s a glimpse into the lifestyle of the utterly rich. They are depicted as bizarre piggish bullies who will stop at nothing to protect their perch and their giant sized piece of the pie. We wonder how realistic it is. And shudder that it is.

Evolution is inevitable. Who’s pulling the strings? Canada votes on Monday. Who’s the lucky winner going to be. I wouldn’t call it lucky.

I’m going to sit back and watch it all unfold. Luckily I’m retired and have the time. Let the storm rage.

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