Part IV

Basking in the afterglow of what was, by a zillion miles, the best sex-filled night her life she groggily rolled over. Oh good. He was already up. Nothing like the walk of shame to the bathroom. Drunken romps under dim or no lights is vastly different from sunlit hungover limps across the room. Exit stage left. The face staring back in the mirror tells the whole story. A glowing exuberant train wreck. Why does make up bring out the best and worst in us?? Better make it quick. Nothing like an extended time doing facial repairs to give away the extent of the disaster. A quick fixer upper all that’s needed. First things first: thorough teeth brushing.

Kevin was in the kitchen plotting his next move. In order to seal the deal he needed to pull out all the stops. Too bad flowers weren’t in bloom this time of year. Luckily he’d brought a bouquet last night; snipping a bud or two would suffice. He prepared a tray of coffee, water and Diet Coke (seems she’s a little addicted given the evidence in her fridge and recycling bin). Just add the flowers and a sweet note on the napkin. Good morning gorgeous… Once he saw her face and got her talking he would know if his potions were effective. He sat patiently and waited to give her ample time to tidy up herself; he knew she would be rushing to get herself in order. Just to assure her he whistled a tune and opened and closed a few cupboards.

Ok. That’s the best it’s going to get for now. A quick flush and she slinks back to bed. She can hear noises in the kitchen and he’s whistling. Awww. Her dad used to do that, too. This guy is awesome. Batting the “it’s too good to be true” from her mind she gets in position in bed. He’s coming up the stairs. Hopefully he feels a fraction of what she does after last night.

He raps lightly on the bedroom door and nudges it open. She’s propped up in bed looking flushed and slightly apprehensive. He sets the tray down in her night stand having to push a bit of clutter aside; what’s with this chick and her stuff everywhere!? He bends over and tenderly kisses her on the cheek. I really enjoyed your company last night, he coos as he shines his best Hollywood smile at her. She beams back and giggles girlishly. It’s been a while, he continues, I hope I wasn’t too rusty. She’s lapping this up. I brought you an assortment of beverages, and I wish I could stay. I’m meeting a couple of investors this morning for the project. I wish I could stay and linger, but duty calls. He bends down again and this time grazes her lips; her response is a green light. He playfully kisses and groans pulling away. See you later; I will bring dinner.

She rolls over with a sigh. This is it. She’s in love. This man is the whole package and he’s not getting away. She reaches for the Diet Coke; it’s like he knows her so well already. He’s so thoughtful and caring. The flowers. The note. It would be dead easy getting used to this. She reaches for the phone to make her daily round of calls. Gossip first. Then her financial planner to talk about investing in a dental plan. An investment she’s sure will reap her ample returns for years to come. This is an investment in her future like none other before.

Kevin drives off to the park. He needs to sit quietly and think. If he’s played it right and his spider sense is bang on, she’s busy calling her finance people now arranging the funds. If all goes smoothly he will only have to fake it for another five days. A week tops. If her finance guy is worth his commission he will ask her for info about this proposed investment. Luckily Kevin had that all sorted out. He had a website done up and was ready to engage his ex to answer the phone if needed. She owed him at least one. Now he had to figure out where he could land a decent dinner for tonight. He saw her fridge and knew she was not gourmet. A couple of yogurts, some wilting lettuce (the pre-bagged washed stuff – gross) a few random jars of this and that. And Diet Coke. Her freezer filled with frozen desserts; clearly she had an insatiable sweet tooth. Bingo! He just remembered that promised to visit his ex- granddaughter at her new cafe when he was in the area. He’d call her and make up a sob story. For sure she’s send him packing with a doggy bag.

Her calls were not going as planned. First her best friends both cautioned her to slow down. She was finally able to convince one to give him a chance and she promised to bring him for dinner ASAP. The other was adamant; slow down and do your due diligence. If it seems to good to be true it usually is. Well not this time. He’s the real deal. She’ll show them. Her financial planner was as bad. He refused to even listen until he saw some hard evidence to his satisfaction. Since she couldn’t even remember the syndicate name she agreed to call back tomorrow with the facts and figures. But then she expected her money in 48 hours. It was hers and she was doing this. Period. She loved being in charge and flexing her muscles. Let’s face it, when she was married and they were managing the dental offices together she would take on an official role. National VP of sales and marketing sounded about right. It was a position made exclusively for her. She earned it after kissing so much corporate butt over the years. It was time she enjoyed being kissed. Of course the position she was entitled to included a new car lease and an expense account. Yes. This was her time in the sun. And she was ready to bask.

Kevin arrived on cue with a lovely picnic basket full of goodies. His “grand daughter” was so happy to see him and listen to his tale of woe. She didn’t disappoint on the generosity; it was a meal fit for a king. It was meant for only him of course so he had to make a couple of slight modifications to suit the purpose. It did make him a bit uneasy knowing that he had pretty much exhausted his connections for food and entertainment. His credit cards were almost maxed and he needed to keep a big of leverage for gas. He’d have to get super creative. She was waiting for him in the kitchen. Wine opened and almost half a bottle gone; good, gd thought, she’s going to need all the lubrication she can get.

She’s thinking about how to ask for company details on the investment. He hadn’t exactly invited her to join in and she (as usual) steam barrelled ahead. After a couple of glasses of wine she was confident he would welcome her investment; that was the best compliment she could give him. She saw him and the picnic basket and melted; she needed this to work. But she needed the best segue into the discussion.

Kevin confidently (he was so good at faking confidence these days) strides into the kitchen. He flashes his brilliant smile and drops the basket on the counter. He meets her on the other side of the island and embraces her warmly and kissing her hair. She turns her face to him and he obliges with more kissing and stroking. Oh, how I’ve been thinking about this moment all day. You look stunning and you smell delicious. I can’t wait to taste you. Her smile and shy laugh are all he needs to make him press on. I hope you’ve worked up an appetite. And save room for dessert. I hope you like dessert? It’s my favourite part …. don’t tell my dentist!

Dessert?! Are you kidding?? She loved dessert! Just when she thought he couldn’t get one ounce better he raises the bar again. She sets out a couple of plates and offers him a glass for wine. The basket smells delicious and she was hungry. God knows she burned off more calories in one night than she usually does in a week. As they settle into their seats she asks how his day went hoping to cajole some information and find an opening to broach the investment opportunity for her. He says it was a fruitful day but he’d need a few more days and a short out of town trip to finalize the package. It was a bit stressful but she’s a good antidote. A few more glasses of wine and she’s just going to take the plunge.

Kevin is trying to be coy. He knows she’s gearing up to make a statement; he can tell how she’s guzzling wine and not totally listening to his words. She’s processing something; he can practically hear her wheels turning. They are pretty creaky; she’s not as swift as she thinks she is. The food is excellent and he mentally makes a note to profusely thank his grand daughter appropriately; he might get a second favour that way too. You’re an ace with the ladies, he thinks to himself. He’s back in full confidence mode. Enough about me and money he says, tell me about your day.

She’s doing a quick mental analysis of the situation. He hadn’t offered to let her in on it. Shit. Ok. New angle. She tells him that she made a few calls in the morning and one of them to her finance guy. She sheepishly admits that she spoke about the dental syndicate and her finance guy was interested to know more. Of course she didn’t have any details to share so she promised a follow up. She looks up expectantly from her plate to gauge his reaction. He looks up and beams at her and says: I’m flattered that I came up in your conversation today ; I will most certainly provide you with information. The more you speak positively about me, the better chance I have to stay in your good graces.

Bingo. They both return to their food with delighted happy grins on their faces. For two very different reasons.

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